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Anna & Ryan

September 22nd, 2018

We're looking forward to a wonderful, memorable, and love brimming life together! We are so pleased you'll be sharing this special occasion with us, and would like to take this opportunity to give you more information.

 We can't wait to celebrate with you!

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Brown Bottle farm wedding


14711 S Buckner Creek Road Mulino, Oregon 97042

Ceremony Time:


(please allow yourself a few extra minutes to meander as the ceremony is a short walk from parking).

Dinner and Reception to follow.


In addition to camping rooms are available at
Best Western Plus RiverShore Hotel
1900 Clackamette Dr, Oregon City, OR 97045
(503) 655-7141
Mention the Wilson/Falk Wedding for a discount

Please wear whatever makes you feel great, and something warm for the evening. Due to the uneven grounds it is recommended that you wear sensible shoes. Outdoor party rain or shine. Yes, it's true! We're getting married on the very farm we work and live on. It's a wonderful opportunity to share with family and friends a view into our lives, and how proud we are of our work. 

The home page can give you more knowledge about the farm if you're interested:

field photo.jpg

The Love Birds

Ryan and Anna have been through "The Works" together- Their relationship started over 7 years ago on Mt. Hood as they traipsed around the forests enjoying their passion for camping, hiking, mushrooming, adventuring with friends, and snowboarding. They also gained a passion for herbalism, foraging, and farming along the way. From Mountain, to Ocean, to Valley; no matter where their life takes them they strive to be their best people together. 

We are Excited and astounded by the sacred passage of marriage. Please join us in that moment of honoring our love for one another. 


We are building our tiny empire with our own hands. We've decided on a HoneyFund to help with farm improvements and a winter vacation.

If you have questions or need more information please feel free to contact us HERE


Camping & FOOd! 

Guests are encouraged to stay and camp on our farm the night of the wedding!

  • Contact us if you're traveling and need to camp for more than Saturday night, we'd love to have you!
  • If you'd like to bring an RV please let us know, and we'll find you a nice flat spot!
  • Saturday set up after 1pm. We will have a map outlining camping areas.
  • See the "Camping Check List" to the left for ideas on packing.
  • If you need equipment, or have extras to share please contact us via email HERE. We'll do our best to get you comfortable!
  • PETS: We would strongly prefer you leave your furry friends at home, but if you cannot find accommodations, especially if you're camping, they may join you. Please let us know in advance.
  • Food
    • For those camping FRIDAY: Friday night we'll get the grill fired up around 6pm. Bring grillables to share, and we'll have pizza cooking in the outdoor oven! Bring your own Beverages. Think Potluck.
    • SATURDAY: Dinner will be provided. For other meals you may be interested in the wares of Oregon City, or bringing along an ice chest. Here's a link to explore some of Oregon Cities options(We suggest Feckin' Brewery for a delicious Beer and BBQ, or Grano Bakery for Coffee and Sweets!) Oregon City Down Town Association
    •  SUNDAY for folks who've confirmed that they're camping or staying on the property we'll be providing a continental breakfast at 11am. If you're not camping but would like to join us please send us an email.
    • ALL meals will have dietary needs in mind and we'll will try to accommodate as much as possible.
  • Showers and Toilets: Yes, we'll have extra restrooms for the weekend, but only two showers(Unless it rains)They're up for grabs when they're open.