The following article will be given to you in print form to sign and submit before acceptance to our Season Farm Share Program for 2019

Brown Bottle Farm Share 2019 Agreement   

*Email is an essential format for communicating with our Share members. Please use an email address that you check frequently.

You, the “Farm Share Member”, have contributed funds to us, “Brown Bottle Farm”, to afford seeds, soil, packaging, and more in exchange for a “Share” of vegetables and/or products that we produce for the farm season of 2018. The below agreement outlines our shared commitments. With your purchase you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

Our Practices:

We are a seasonal market farm that uses Certified Naturally Grown Practices. This certification is comparable to Organic certifications, and we use beyond Organic Techniques. We feel at this time the scale of our farm does not warrant organic certification. With our relationship to our customers we strive to reassure you that our crops are produced without chemical pesticides, GMO Seeds, Inorganic Fertilizers, or environmentally harmful practices.

 Our Market:  We are committed to vend every Saturday at the Oregon City Year Round Farmers Market. To the best of our abilities we bring all available produce varieties and additional products produced on our farm. We occasionally vend other public events. Your Farm Share is applicable anywhere BBF is vending.  If you're interested in a special order, or non-market purchase these terms are subject to negotiation and we reserve the right to limit our sales outside of market hours. 

Seasonal Farm Share Outline

SFS works like Cash. You can spend it anyway you choose at our market stands during our Summer Farmers Market Season.

Summer Farmers Market Season Dates:

BEGINS: Saturday May 4th, 2018

ENDS: Saturday October 26th, 2018

Your initial investment depends on the tier you choose to pay. The corresponding percentage credited to your account is based on the one time purchase. You cannot receive a lesser/greater credit for a second investment at a later purchase. You can purchase any tier more than once before and during the farm season as long as you still spend your credit before the ending date in October.

The SFS Tiers and Interest Scale:

You Pay                       Interest                             Balance to Spend at Market

Tier I: $300                Earns 15%                                                            $345

Tier II: $200               Earns 10%                                                            $220

Tier III: $100             Earns 5%                                                               $105

Cancellations and Alternative Arrangements:

We understand that unpredictable events might happen during the season. Here are a few possible situations and how we intend to handle them:

Market Cancellations: All Share Holders will be notified as soon as possible of market cancellations. This way you can plan accordingly for your next purchase opportunity. This does not change your remaining balance.

 If you cannot make your purchase in person: If there is a situation in which someone else must purchase produce or products for you there are two steps required. One, You must notify us and tell us who will be purchasing in your stead. Two, They must also know the secret 5 digit Numerical code that you give to us when you purchase your Share.

If you have credit remaining at the end of the season: Credit cannot be carried over into another season. We will send notification the month of October to keep you up to date on your available share credit. We do have many storage crops that you can hold on to for long periods of time, but unfortunately our share season does have an end(October 27th).

*If you are unclear about these stipulations please feel free to contact us at any time.

Risk Sharing:

By becoming a Farm Shareholder you agree that you understand the possibility of loss of crops due to weather, pest, and other natural outliers. We will farm to the best of our abilities and strive for the success of all crops, but if there is a particular failure we will all suffer the loss. We will try to cover the loss by supplementing with other successful and bountiful crops.

Bounty Sharing:

There are several opportunities for success in our field. We will use our farming knowledge to the best of our ability to bring you the most beautiful and delicious produce out there. We want you to feel inspired by the food we grow, and if we have a plethora of vivacious produce you’ll benefit from that.

Items that we have extras of will be available at a discounted purchase price for our SFS members.

Ticket Discounts:

Brown Bottle Farm plans to host different events on the farm during the 2019 season. These events will be advertised via email marketing, on the website calendar, and at the Farmers Markets. Farm Share members will recieve 20% discount on special event tickets. This discount does not include Alcohol and is subject to changes.

In Summation:

You, the “Seasonal Farm Share Member”, accepts that the farm may change parts of this agreement pertaining to production and distribution if neccessary. The member understands that the farm will contact me with changes in advance as possible, and do everything to the best of their abilities to follow the established above agreement.

If you agree with these statements and would like to be a knowing participant in our 2019 Seasonal Farm Share Membership please print your name and sign below. We thank you and look forward to a wonderful Season.