About Our Internship


Brown Bottle Farm is looking for inspired individuals to join our staff as interns seasonally. The Duration of the internship depends complete on what we agree on as a team, but most commonly we recommend no shorter than one month commitment. Our internship is incredibly individualized. During this time interns will work with us to learn the techniques of  organic farming, herbalism, preservation, and mushroom cultivation.

we Offer:

In exchange for education, meals, and a comfortable room in our home we expect responsible individuals to commit 20-30 hours work weekly to our farmstead. The tasks within those hours varies greatly depending on the season. This is not a paid position. Our work weeks are generally split into harvest days, wild foraging days in the fall and spring, field management days, and market days. We aim to have Sunday/Monday to rest, but this depends on the season and jobs necessary to get done. We hold our interns to the same standards and discipline as ourselves.



We ask that all individuals be 18 years of age or older. This position does not allow for families, couples are allowed if both people can work with us and it has been previously arranged. We need all people on property to help.

An intern can expect to participate in many tasks, some of which include:

Seeding* soil management* green house cultivation* irrigation* weeding* crop maintenance* animal husbandry* mushroom cultivation* wild foraging* plant identification* herbalism* and preserving foods* also infrastructure design* Market assistance* Customer Service* and Delivery*


Because BBF is relatively new to this area we have several infrastructure projects to complete. This 2018 season we plan to build a Washing/Packing Shed and build a certified kitchen. We expect these projects to take several days and will likely require our interns assistance.


The tasks on a working farm rely on positive attitude and a willingness to push ones self to new heights. Assisting in these projects will likely be mandatory, but will not take away from the farm training experience. We simply ask that interns be open minded and equal contributors to our work.


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