Our First Spring...We've come a long way!

Our First Spring...We've come a long way!

Seasonal Farm Shares

Many community members enjoy the "Farmers Market Experience". They’re looking for ways to increase their bounty while helping a small business. A Seasonal Farm Share(SFS) is a great choice for those people. They get the joy of picking out their produce, and the discounts included with preseason sign up.

What are the Perks?

SFS works like Cash. You can spend it anyway you choose at our market stand during our Summer Farmers Market Season (Saturday May 5th, 2018 through Saturday October 27th, 2018).

Unlike a CSA, a Farm Share is incredibly flexible. You’re not committed to pickups or drop offs and you don’t have to coordinate with us. Spend your balance throughout the summer season. We’ll track your balance, and you can add to your account any time! We vend at the Oregon City Farmers Market, and other special events or markets. You’ll receive notifications of market opportunities.

When you invest during our planning time you help us afford the seeds, soil, and infrastructure needed for our farm to operate. You enable us to produce the best food we can. Because it is crucial income, we give our SFS members incentives. Those incentives include added interest to spend like cash. There are special discounts on products when have extras, and a Free Farm tour so you can see firsthand the hard work that goes into your food.

The SFS Tiers and Interest Scale:

You Pay                       Interest                             Balance to Spend at Market

Tier I: $300                Earns 15%                                                            $345

Tier II: $200               Earns 10%                                                            $220

Tier III: $100             Earns 5%                                                               $105


Join Now

Please fill out the form and payment information. You can also purchase your SFS in Person at any Market stand or event we’re vending. This money is available for use ONLY during the Summer Market Season.

Please check out the Harvest Page Here to see some of the beautiful veggies we've grown!