Camping Check List for anna and Ryan wedding



  1. Tent (with stakes and guylines)
  2. Sleeping bags (with optional liners)
  3. Sleeping pads
  4. Layers for any type of weather
  5. Air mattresses if you want to get fancy
  6. Pump for air mattresses
  7. Pillows
  8. Comfortable shoes
  9. Rain Jacket(you never know)
  10. Ice Chest with snacks
  11. Portable stoves are allowed
  12. Folding chairs
  13. Headlamps (with extra batteries)
  14. Flashlights (with extra batteries, bulbs)
  15. Swimsuit (we are close to several swimmable rivers)
  16. Cooking gear i.e. Forks, knives, plates, cups. (somethings will be available)

There are restrooms available near the houses and we will have trash bins and recycling handy too! Leave no Trace!