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Anna Wilson and Ryan Falk enjoying a field day.

Anna Wilson and Ryan Falk enjoying a field day.


Brown Bottle Farmstead

The Farm

Our Farm is Certified Naturally Grown(CNG) as of 2017. 

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) offers peer-review certification to farmers and beekeepers producing food for their local communities by working in harmony with nature, without relying on synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

Our standards are based on the highest ideals of the organic movement. Our approach is based on transparency, direct relationships and a firm belief in our ability to create something uniquely valuable by working together.

Our mission is to support our members by promoting sustainable agriculture through peer-review certification, grassroots networking, and advocacy.

to learn more about what a CNG farm is check out their website : Certified Naturally Grown

We believe the small community farm can provide more than just healthful, remarkable food. It can empower community members to try new things, provide educational opportunities about health and food, and offer a space for positive interaction. BBF does its best to sell quality food at a reasonable price, and is always interested in the happiness and health of the customer first.

We grown all of our food using low tilage, no spray techniques, and want to improve the longevity of our soil. All of our veggies are grown on under an acre, and we use drip irrigation at a low flow to reduce water waste. We are always looking for ways to learn and evolve, and as such we bring teachers and students alike to create and discuss the future of food and community.

The Staff

Anna Wilson and Ryan Falk are the primary homesteaders on Brown Bottle Farm. They've studied Herbalism, Mycology(the study of Mushrooms), Farming, and homesteading hand in hand, lovingly, for over 7 years.

Anna Wilson-Falk Specializes in the preservation and processing of herbs and produce into shelf stable Farm Direct goods. She takes full advantage of the Farm Direct and Cottage Food Laws of Oregon to provide customers with more products and delicious pantry foods. These include Ferments such as saurkraut, kimchi, and pickles. Additionally, acidified foods like tomato sauce, hot sauce, sipping vinegar, relishes, jams, and preserves that are in season and high quality.

Anna is a fifth generation agriculturalist. Although her family background is in cattle she has adapted her own methods of land stewardship through plants. Her passion started as a student of Herbalism and Mycology at Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine. She continued to learn as an intern at Northfork 53 in Nehalem Oregon where she and Ryan learned how to farm organically. Their time on the coast set them on a path to farm for their own community.

Ryan Falk has focused his education towards learning holistic and ethical foraging and farming practices. He enjoys the peace and beauty of farming, the reward of growing food for his community, and is passionate about integrating permaculture into his daily life. This includes animal stewardship, mushroom remediation, sustainable packaging, and even rain water collection.

Ryan moved from Pennsylvania in his early 20’s to explore the beauty of the mountainous west coast. He became a chef and catered to thousands of people for over a decade. While Head Chef at Wy’East Mountain Academy on Mount Hood for 8 years Ryans passion for food fired his interest in wild foraging and food cultivation. His studies at Elderberry School of Botanical Medicine gained him employment at Oregon’s Wild Harvest and internship at Northfork 53.

Bud Wilson is a musician and artist residing on property. He is the well known front man and writer for the Portland based band AanAs the farm grows and evolves Bud is the guiding force behind bringing live performances to the field! We are looking forward to new music festivities in Fall 2019, check our Calendar for dates!.

He is also the go to guy with a chainsaw, or a hammer. His optimism to work in the field during his available time is paramount to the success of BBF and we couldn't be more thankful to have him on our team.

Bud Wilson trying his hand at dried up mushroom identification!

Bud Wilson trying his hand at dried up mushroom identification!